I’ve already taken two listings since I started posting about the show. 

Tami Gosselin
HomeSmart PV & Associates

Hello Craig,

I wanted to send you a personal note to Thank you for the opportunity I’ve been given to showcase “Selling Charlotte”.

Something amazing has happened after my exposure via instagram with my announcement. I’ve been in the game for a little over 15 years now however, this show has provided me with that additional credibility.

I have a Developer here in Charlotte who has developed much of Uptown Charlotte and also has his own Brokerage and buildings throughout Charlotte. He is well-known in the area and he pitched his upcoming condo unit in the Iveys to several agents to try and sell it off market.

Due to my exposure with the show he actually reached out to me and asked me to list his Condo! We finished staging it today and it will go live next week. Needless to say, I literally outbeat so many agents in Charlotte just by the added marketing.

That’s not it however, he called me today and asked if I had an affiliate in Gastonia which is a city outside of Charlotte. I reminded him that I would venture out past Charlotte. He referred me to his sister who has 2 rental properties she wants to list currently but not only that, she has a total of 12 rental properties she will sell in the next year and is going to let me list them! Ahhhh I can’t even tell you how cool that is and just wanted to share. I haven’t even received my segment or air date and things are happening! I can only imagine what will happen once it does!

Thanks again for everything and let’s freaking go!!!

King Regards,

Erika L. Mendoza

Agent | Charlotte, NC

Thank you for all you do for us day in and day out! I made top 100 Re/Max agents in the USA ?? which is typically owned by CA, NY and Miami agents as their average price point is 10x higher than Ohio?
The American dream is working its magic! Thank you for everything

Monika DeRoussel
RE/MAX Preferred Group
I wanted to share a success that I had this week. My first AD episode is airing this Sunday, and in order to tease it and build up some anticipation I made this post on Tuesday on both facebook and instagram.
I received so many texts, phone calls, private messages, and in-person questions about what the big secret is! This lead to numerous conversations with past clients that turned into a handful of “we think we’re ready to sell and buy a bigger house” meetings scheduled for the next two weeks!
Christian Nossum
The Awesome Nossum Group

Thanks for inviting me to be a part of the Orlando Team.

I look forward to the trip in March to learn a lot more! Thanks again for the opportunity. I am thrilled and only want to get better at this. I appreciate it.
You have an amazing model and concept.
You are very much on the cutting edge and the funny part is – I actually recognize you from MTV. LOL.
Now I am showing my age!

Karen Arbutine
REMAX – Orlando
The American Dream TV show is getting notice on every spectrum including political … I have received called from the office of Frank LaRose yesterday who is running for Senate asking me if he can be part of the American Dream TV show which is a huge compliment to the show that you created?
Please call so we can discuss how to proceed
Thank you for everything.
Hi guys I’m not releasing this publicly yet or putting it on the Facebook page until we get the show footage but remember the twins who I did the field shoot with? They just went to contract on one of the two properties that we were showing them for real !! 1,621,000
Ya baby!!
I knew it would plant the seed and that was my hope but Woohoo
I love this platform!!!!
Just had to share
God bless you
Hali Gillin
Hali’s Angels – The Hali Gillin Group

Hi Craig,
I did enjoy the webinar! I think those additions are going to be very helpful! I was happy to see that!
Thanks for all that you do! This is been a phenomenal experience so far.
Have a great holiday weekend

Vicki Sylvestre
You have created such an incredible platform for us to be heard… and we Thank you for that!!
I know as business owners we always talk about ROI- let me tell you the opportunities and doors that are opening for us are unbelievable.
The exposure this show has given us has been a game changer for sure.
While everyone is singing the Summer time Blues- Kim and I are figuring out how we can blow the door off the 2nd half of 2018 and you are a Major part of that!!
Dave Panozzo
The Panozzo Team
OMG – I got my first call from someone seeing me on The American Dream TV!! Called because he felt i was someone he could trust. Makes me so happy, because that’s wxactly why i do this. ♥
Faith Harmer
Real Estate Agent
Craig, Dylan & AmDream Partners:
I’m so freaking excited!
I’m forwarding you an email from a newsletter I am signed up to receive. See below.
It may not seem like much, but it is exactly the vision I had when I signed the contract several months ago to partner with The American Dream. I saw this as an opportunity to not only promote my real estate business but to become the “digital mayor“ of the community I live in.
Like Craig, I wanted to share “good news“ about the neighborhoods I sell homes in and I knew that by doing this I could not only pique the interest of my company, but draw interest to other small businesses and generate excitement for the community as a whole. And by featuring others on the American Dream show, they would (in turn) market me (not my “reason“ but certainly an added benefit).
Only two of my field shoots have aired on the American Dream so far but I have plans already in the works for three more! This platform (American Dream TV) has allowed me to market my business in a new way, promote the cities I love, build “commUNITY” and form new relationships. For that, I am very grateful and honored to be an “American Dream Agent.”
So, here’s the good stuff…Last month I did a field shoot in a neighboring community, Hamilton, OH (which has been known, among locals, as the “armpit” of Butler Co. but in recent years, the city of Hamilton has been working very hard to revitalize the community, clean up the streets and promote homeownership). Nearly a year ago, Hamilton caught the eye of the national news media and was featured in a story about small cities in America that are “coming back.”
So, I wanted to do a story showcasing all the cool stuff happening in Hamilton and I felt that in some small way this is how I could do my part in sharing “good news.”
After some coordination and strategic planning, the show was taped in the loft of a small retail business, “Sara’s house“ and I interviewed the city’s planning director.
Our videographer, Lorenzo (photographed below), did a beautiful job with the background and set up of the shoot and the B-roll footage! After the video aired, I posted it on my Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter and I am proud to say that on my Facebook page alone, we had 44 shares and 6.4K views!
In addition to that, the email below is the newsletter from Sara’s House, that was just sent out. You can imagine my surprise when I opened it and saw our images!
So, I just wanted to share this small success and tell each of you how grateful I am to have this partnership with the American Dream!!!
And, if you didn’t watch the story, check it out and be sure to share it, retweet it, etc.!
Lisa Phair, GRI
Lisa Phair & Associates
I love it! Will we be able to do a shoot? Not sure what we decided but I love it! Let me know! Thank you again for the opportunity!
Valerie Grijalva
Vice President
My last on location shoot that I did with The New Life Furniture Bank is on FIRE! I have had so much interaction and LOTS & LOTS of shares!!!
Thank you!
Holly Maloney
Realtor | Maloney Real Estate Group – exp Realty

You’re on fire this weekend, woohoo! I love seeing your emails defending your business, those that work with you, and how you are the “last stop” for questions and comments- and then providing your cell to everyone. I just wanted to say thank you for your inspiring comments to everyone involved on this team of POWER PLAYERS!
Rock on and it’s so awesome to work with you​ on this show!​

Christina Lizzio
Esq. NC
The American Dream show and your team are unbelievable and we are thrilled to be a part of it. A positive attitude and a push for always inspiring and empowering the people around you leads to success. Thank you Craig!
Tracy M. Frick
Esq. FrickTrentLizzio, LLC
Hahaha… damn man… didnt realize we are leading the charge…
You know you are one of the reasons for my success. Glad we met Craig!
John Reeves
#1 VA realtor in the US
Yesterday a lady called from ofrom watching our show. today at 1:30 pm I have a listing appointment.
It’s not really in my area – one town away and commercial but, I’ll take it. Nice work Craig. Thanks
American Dream Testimonial”
I’m feel like I’m a kid in a candy store being part of this show. It definitely should be a good experience and an opportunity to add value to more people!
Steve White
Good Morning Craig,
Just checking in to see if there is any action plan for me regarding this email as i am not in Louisville… but if you need me on the American Dream show there, I am in! I love every minute of it, and your team is amazing… Keep up the great work, I am honored and blessed to be part of this great movement…
All the best!
Monika DeRoussel
RE/MAX | Preferred Group”

Hi Craig,
I was on Zach’s podcast 2 weeks ago and was stating since I have been on your TV show I have yet to lose a listing.
In 2017 my corporate relocation listing conversion was 88% and in 2018 so far my listing interview/vs hired figures are 10/10.
I have a slide in my listing presentation that shows I am 1 of 10. 0​ agents on the show and that I will promote your listing and they all get very excited.
My team and I really appreciate all your doing for us and the real estate industry in general.

Hey man, hope you are good… long time no talk.. Just thought I’d let you know that last time I was on the show I had a guest with my representing the American cancer society and someone that viewed the show ended up donating $10k to the society!! A great cause and just thought you would like to know…
Scott Boaman
Producing Branch Manager | NMLS #343518″
Thank you for the privilege guys. I think it was fantastic that you are willing to honor such a great organization as Feed America First. I had no idea that the topic would touch Amy’s heart like it did. She is so perfect for the role. My belief is that the viewer or listener must always first
‘believe the messenger before the message ever matters’.
I told someone earlier today that I’ve been around this topic for 34 years and have have ventured into many marketing efforts. Non have impressed me more than what you have going on when it comes to core conviction, communication, professionalism and clarity to what the ultimate goal is.
Thank you for the continued opportunity to hopefully always be an asset.
Hi Craig,
Thanks for these emails, I always find them useful. I actually brought on an Estate Planning Attorney last month and she was thrilled about it. Definitely brought me one step closer to being her go-to guy for real estate stuff from now on… Thanks,
Mike Olson
Owner/Agent | GO Colorado Realty
American Dream TV ? Do it! it was a game changer in my business.
Craig is a dynamic thinker and is a master at the use of media to grow your sphere and create business growth.
Listen to him and you will do amazing things, Dude changed my life… Best regards,
John Reeves
#1 VA realtor in the US
You did an amazing job this week! I loved standing behind and following you’re lead. People love you. For who you are and what you represent with integrity. Always keep that at the front and remember this stage of growth right here that you are in. You will look back years later and see it with such clarity and great joy. No bad outcome to anything you have built and done. Sky is the limit but even if you stay in same positioning, you have blessed more people than you realize. I get to see the impact from my little show OAD that is modeled completely from you. I just took my joy and passion and fused it in. But end result is one person at a time feels loved, respected and encouraged every 6 minute segment. Can’t put a price on that. One life at a time the show is making a difference.
You are the visionary and humble man behind it all. When I moved to San Diego I was scared to death. Started over and felt I had left all I had built in music behind. I felt strongly God tell me to keep the same heart and passion in whatever I’m lead to do and watch what HE will do with it. 7 years later I was lead to you, torrey and The American Dream. Thank you. Who you are and why you do it is why our paths were able to connect. Have a wonderful weekend and please know how much you are appreciated respected and loved.
Your friend
Amy Scruggs
Business Development Manager | Synergy 1 Lending
Craig meet Jessie, Jessie meet Craig Sewing.
Craig Sewing is the CEO of ignite media and a host of a nationwide media platform called the American dream and Operation American dream. Both are customer focused shows that reach out to consumers in order to educate empower and engage. It’s an incredible platform that taps into some major metro markets in the country but specifically he works with the elite agents in San Diego County.
If you’re looking to gain traction with this magazine and get more agents into it Craig Sewing is the number one guy to talk to you he is your first and last stop. He knows more about what agents are doing or aren’t doing the personalities, the good ones, the bad ones and all points in between. Craig knows this market exceptionally well and adds a tremendous amount of value to the consumer and agents alike.
He is a phenomenal person to know and he is one of the few in this market that I respect and admire and most importantly trust 100%. He is authentic, real, purpose driven and operates with character and compassion. He is a true connector of people. Some people collect stamps, some collect baseball cards…Craig Sewing collects the best personalities in the county and soon the country…
Craig Sewing is a straight shooter and he is rock solid. You have to meet him and I think there is mutual value here I’ll let you guys take it and run.
Best Regards,
John Reeves
CEO Reef Point Real Estate
I just wanted to reach out and say “thank you” again for recommending Melissa Tucci.
She is THE BEST! We ended up buying the house we wanted in Bay Park. We closed very quickly and without a hitch and Melissa was right there with us the whole way. She was knowledgeable, professional, responsive 24/7, and stayed on top of everyone along the way to make sure all deadlines were met. We are excited to move into our first home this weekend, and get all set up for our first baby on the way in January!
Thanks again. We will continue to recommend you, the show, and Melissa.
Best regards,
Michael Miley
Counsel | APWireless
I have gotten 2 calls from people that saw the first show -and 1 listing appointment already. I also had a guy comment on the FB post that was friends with someone who shared it -we are meeting for coffee. Great sign!
Cort Dietz
Zack and Ian, meet Craig Sewing. Craig has an awesome idea and a TV show that caters to the real estate industry with a spin on positive news. He’s working on big things and has a lot in motion right now. He’s looking for the top people in multiple markets…
Seattle being the most recent one. The way Craig has set up his company and his show, makes my brain want to explode. It’s relationship and partner based. It’s truly remarkable to watch what he is building…and how. I’d hang out with him just to watch the ins and outs of how he makes shit work. Being smart, forward thinking, progressive guys, I believe you’ll find Craig and his concept fascinating and I wanted to connect you. P.S. there’s a catch… there’s always a catch… but this one is good. 🙂
Craig, meet Zack and Ian. Zack and Ian are definitely power players who will bring a totally different prospective to the show and industry. They are amazing and innovative business people. I could talk to these guys for hours. Early in my career, I met Zack and Ian, and they were instrumental in opening my eyes to a different side of real estate:
foreclosure/investment real estate.
I believe there will be some good synergy between you all.
Elisha Alcantara
Owner | Principal Broker