The American Dream TV is an EMMY nominated production, engaging a network of elite real estate professionals nationwide. In 2024, we have made major advancements to our collective distribution strategy. This will enhance credibility, viewership, marketing, and opportunity.

Here is a video recording, which explains fully in depth. IMPORTANT TO WATCH.

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Distribution Strategy Information Below

National TV Show

The American Dream TV, is a national show centered around real estate, lifestyle, and culture. Positive media, niched in our neighborhoods. An EMMY nominated production, garnering millions of views, with a multitude of platforms for one to engage with the show.

National Cable As Seen on, The Travel Channel

The American Dream TV creates National Shows in 100+ cities across the country. Our “BEST OF” segments from each month are featured on weekends on The Travel  Channel (cable) and Amazon Prime (digital network). These select segments will be handpicked by the ADTV media team.

NOTE: For hosts who have a segment that they know goes above and beyond, they may request to be featured. Case by case basis, not guranteed. However, ALL, can see “As Seen On” with their marketing and branding.

As seen on:
Prominent Digital Networks

ADTV has secured new relationships with TUBI (FOX digital Network), and YoutubeTV (not youtube, significantly more prominent).

The intention is for ALL SHOWS to be on these networks.

Disclaimer: due to the nature of these networks, there is always a chance for a show to not air, so we are not guaranteeing. However, unlike Travel Channel and Amazon Prime, our intention is to have all shows and segments airing on these networks, and believe this should be a consistent network to count on.

Youtube TV: 176M subscribers
TUBI: 64M subscribers, Fox owned.
Streaming Release As Seen on, The American Dream TV

Upon release of the show, American Dream TV will have a live release of the show:

And you can click “Share” which will allow you to redistribute the link of the airing show to all of your social mediums!

Marketing Tip: When show is released, share to your sphere.

Demonstration Video:
Digital Networks As Seen on, Amazon Fire, Roku & Apple TV

The American Dream TV airs on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and ROKU

On a smart TV, simply download the American Dream Network App.

All hosts are guaranteed to be placed on these networks.

As seen on:
How to find ADTV on digital networks:
Social Media As Seen On, Social Media

The American Dream TV chooses its best segments each week, and features on our National Facebook Fan Page:

Marketing Tip: This is a great asset to impress potential guests, and clients.


Example of a viewership report.
Redistribution of Content

The American Dream TV is a partnership model and provides our partnerships and hosts copies of show for repurposing in their own sphere.


  • ALL MP4’S of show
  • Your Segment Isolated
  • A 1 minute promotional video
  • A VIMEO Link
  • Access to Raw Footage
  • Social Media Viewership

Report: Example Click Here
Be sure to take behind the scene photos when doing your shoots, great social media collateral- TAG GUESTS

Marketing Tip: Repurposing Strategy

  • Email Content to your Database
  • Add to your website: See
  • Upload to your YOUTUBE, repurpose link
  • Provide content to all of your guests
  • Post on Facebook, drive traffic
  • Post on a social mediums
  • Upload to your youtube and vimeo
  • Host Client Events: “Watch Parties”

Important reminder

The American Dream is a Network of elite real estate professionals across the country, as a collective voice for the real estate market.

The power of the network, in itself value to the professionals involved, and the consumers who’s content is shared through industry leaders.

The Game Plan & Strategy

To develop an omni-present brand through credible content, and a robust distribution strategy.
Through credible content , the show drives sellers:

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